Technical Articles

NEVER TOO SOON for a Mechanical Fuel Pump. – Some go with a high flow electric pump, sometimes even two electric pumps and others choose the route of a mechanical fuel pump. All are looking to achieve the same result - providing enough fuel for the motor.

1G in a 2G – How to put a 1G engine in a 2G car. Complete installation guide. Now in Adobe PDF format, so that you can print it and keep it by your side while you work!

The Magnus Motor Recipe – The ingredients for a dependable race winner in Drag Racing, Road racing, Autocross, Rally and Hill climb.

Get the Details – A full break down of what each of our motor configurations have to offer.

Magnus EVO X Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade – We have seen even stock EVO X’s under spirited driving blow up the master cylinder, our latest design addresses this issue. This DIY guide will help you get it done right.

Theory of the Walking Crank – Our theory on the 2G crankwalk issue from way back when, truth is, it turned out to be the clutch. Complete guide on how to mutilate your block inside.

EVO Stroker Build-up – We take the mystery out of our magic with a fully documented build-up.

Magnus Dogbox FAQ – Read this, and you’ll be smarter.