Magnus GTR VR38DETT Short Block



Stepping forward with no sacrifices

When looking into upgrading your GTR and making some real power you must not forget about reliability. Our Magnus reinforced bottom end was developed for those looking to achieving the utmost performance out of their GTR’s without sacrificing daily driven reliability and stock drivability. Our block was developed for the reliability to not sacrifice power gains; it was actually developed increased bottom end torque and increased horsepower throughout the powerband. Your build will also be benefiting from improved boost response and reduced boost lag.

Stage Who?

Here at Magnus we do not believe in stages. Unlike our competitors we are against cutting corners only to offer our customers with a cheaper engine. All of our engines receive the same high quality parts and machining whether making 300hp or 1,000+hp. Quality and reliability are our paramount concerns when putting engines together.  “Stage who?” is our stage and the stage that sets the standard in the racing world. We do not believe in these stages that the other guy created. We all know that these stages are a joke.

It all starts with a core

We do not cut corners on the core that we begin with. Every core we use is disassembled, cleaned and thoroughly inspected before being selected. Frost plugs are removed and replaced and squirters are disassembled, cleaned and inspected or replaced as needed. Surface is decked and the cylinders are honed with a deck-plate in a climate controlled environment. Block is clearanced as needed. Pistons, rods and crankshaft are installed, assembled and balanced.

20yrs of “Street Cred”

With wins in many championships such as the NHRA our crate motors have proved themselves over and over again in action. Not only have they won they have also took world records. We focus on providing our customers with not just high horse powered motors but race winning motors. We don’t want our customers to just break hearts of their local competition; we want our customers to make history with the results they achieve.


  • OEM Crankshaft
  • Billet Steel I beam Rods
  • Forged Pistons
  • ARP Main Studs
  • ARP Head Studs

Optional Upgrades

  • Billet crankshaft – Stroke Specified to your build
  • Titanium rods
  • X Beam Steel Rods
  • Aluminum Rods
  • Sleeves
  • Billet Valley Breather
  • Concrete Filled Block
  • Magnus Billet Engine Girdle


Our pricing is based on the customer sending in a usable short block core with crank and squirters. If you are unable to send a core we can provide one for you! A short block core is an additional $2500, and the long block is $6000.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs