Magnus Mitsubishi Evo X Sheetmetal Intake Manifold 4 or 8 Injectors




Setting the Standard for the Past 20yrs

The same manifold all the worlds fastest EVO X’s use.  Used on the 7 second English Racing EVO X.  Our experience with intake manifolds dates back to the 90’s. We have dedicated countless hours researching and developing intake manifolds and providing people all around the world with our intakes for the past 17 years. Our experience has given us the knowledge to become one of the leading brands in the industry. With power gains and flow like no other we have set records and set the standard.

We Made it Happen Again

After endless hours dedicated to creating prototypes, testing and perfecting we had reached the results that we were looking for. Our prior intake manifolds have set numerous records world wide with the 4G63 and the 4B11 has not fallen far from the tree. Our intake manifold is currently featured on the worlds fastest Evo X. English Racing has made a 70whp gain on their Evo X with our intake manifold! They’ve run over 80 PSI of boost pressure!  3 versions are available, 4 injector for 68mm or 82mm throttle body and the latest 8 injectors on one plane for 82mm throttle body.

A Magnus fuel rail is included with every purchase of a manifold

Factory power steering must be relocated or deleted in order for this manifold to fit.

Manifold comes standard with Bosch 82mm DBW throttle body flange.


  • All Aluminum sheetmetal construction with Billet CNC flanges
  • Full 180 degree radius Velocity stacks inside
  • Welded Internally and externally for max strength
  • 1500 hp capable able to withstand over 80 PSI of boost pressure
  • 68mm stock throttle body – 4 injectors
  • 82mm Bosch throttle body – 4 injectors
  • 82mm Bosch throttle body – 8 injectors on one plane

Part Number 

  • MMCINT1070            Magnus Evo X Race Intake Manifold for Bosch 82mm throttle body – includes -10 fuel rail for 4 injectors
  • MMCINT1070-001   Magnus Evo X Race Intake Manifold Stock throttle body 68mm – includes -10 fuel rail for 4 injectors
  • MMCINT1070-008   Magnus Evo X Race Intake Manifold 82mm throttle body flange – includes -10 fuel rail for 8 injectors all on one row


Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 11 in

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