Magnus Throttle Cable Adapter


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Ever wonder how to mate your 75mm Throttle body to your throttle cable cleanly with your Magnus intake manifold? Magnus has devised a simple solution that has the correct diameter wheel so you CANNOT BREAK your throttle shaft ever again.  Broken throttle shafts on lesser quality throttle bodies were usually the cause of over travelling because the incorrect diameter linkage was used.  This would cause the shaft to be pulled upon and stressed when you have your foot on the go pedal.   The correct way to install a throttle is to have a small amount of slack usually 2-3 degrees before full throttle opening.

The Magnus throttle Cable adapter can install in any of combination of 12.5 degree increments. This means you can install it on any car that has a Mustang style throttle body in any configuration and location. Need it to be upside down, inverted, sideways, no problem, you can move your fulcrum point clockwise or counterclockwise in increments of 12.5 degrees to best suit your setup! Our Throttle Cable Adapter is configured to be a direct bolt on with a 3/8’s shaft and throttle stop of the Wilson Mustang style throttle body.

Designed to work with Wilson Mustang throttle bodies


  • Usable in a variety of configurations to suit your builds needs
  • Stop breaking throttle shafts
  • Configured with a 3/8 throttle shaft
  • Designed for Wilson Mustang throttle bodies

Part# MMCINT1064

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in