PPG Mitsubishi Evolution X 6 Speed Sequential Gear Set


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Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes MT-EV10SEQ 6–speed sequential dog-engagement gear set has been developed specifically for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. It is designed to cope with the demands of top-level motorsport and incorporates the latest technology and features. These include a unique system that provides far greater shift-speeds that, combined with PPG’s legendary reliability, delivers unrivalled performance and durability at a realistic price.

The MT-EV10SEQ 6–speed gear set can be used for race and rally applications and meets regulations for Open Class, PBRC Class 2 (N4+) and World Time Attack. It can also be fitted to cars used for Hill Climbs, Sprints and a range of ‘domestic’ series’ in a various countries.


Pfitzner Performance Gearbox has earned a reputation for producing the most durable automotive gear sets in the world. This accolade has been achieved through innovative design coupled with technologically advanced engineering and manufacturing processes, extensive test and development programmes, plus the use of best quality materials.

These include high-grade steel and PPG’s carefully guarded method of heat-treating surfaces – a process that gives its components their unique and outstanding virtues. The company’s continuous re-investment and its ISO 9001-2008 accreditation ensures it maintains the quality of its products through its superior manufacturing processes and thereby endorses its envied position as the world’s leading supplier of high performance gear sets.


The new MT-EVSEQ-6SPD-GA 6-speed system is designed to directly replace the internal workings of the standard Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X gearbox and therefore, fits inside the original casings. Consequently, no modifications have to be made to the clutch, drive shafts, mountings and mating surfaces.

Pfitzner’s unique motorsport-derived Micro barrel selector system allows for extremely compact packaging of the internal components and incorporates the latest rotary position sensor for accurate gear indication on a proprietary Geartronic LED display.

Actuation is performed using a unique low-friction dual ball-bearing billet aluminum gear lever, which is universally designed to fit in either LHD or RHD configurations, installed close to the steering wheel. The lever is connected via a heavy-duty Series 4 cable system that enables positive, yet effortless, gearshifts, integrated to a load cell that operates in both tension and compression modes to allow a flat up-shift and a throttle blip during down-shift.

Ratios: 2.833/1.875/1.412/1.136/0.929/0.815

Part Number: MT-EV1SEQ-6SPD-GA

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