History of Magnus Motorsports

Magnus Motorsports, who we are today, has been 25 years in the making. A Toronto-based speed shop owned and operated by Marco Passante is most well known for pioneering the 4G63 culture worldwide.

Magnus was built around a philosophy that if we are going to do it, it has to be of the highest quality and it must work to the highest standard. Simply put – make it work, make it look good, make it the best. This philosophy was affirmed many times over when Magnus powered the fastest, most reliable and most powerful 4 cylinders in the world, continuously breaking world records and countless podium finishes in various forms of racing both on the professional and grassroots level. Magnus is responsible for bridging the gap between professional racing and the import car tuner market.

Magnus Motorsports is a full-time fabrication and tuning shop. We have a machine for every job. Our fabrication shop consists of two state of the art 5 Axis CNC workstations - DMG MORI's DMU monoBLOCK, two welding stations, two manual bridge ports, two lathes, a surface grinder, and every tool in between, from sheet and tube benders to belt sanders to band saws, to custom made tooling for all of our own products. Two lifts and a 3D scanners are in our prototyping and R&D area is adjacent to a dedicated zone for building chassis and race cars. Upstairs we have an inspection and design rooms, as well as offices. The main building is primarily used for fabrication and production. This building also consists of an office area, along with an upstairs design room, where all the parts are designed and measured. It is digitally programmed into CAD. It has an engine room and transmission room and is physically separated from the main shop.

We have served as a research and test facility for some OEM manufacturers. We build machines and contraptions to test various components for longevity or test the component until failure providing a report.

This is one of the main reasons why our engine building skills are so sought after worldwide. With our years of experience and with failure analysis, we have been able to tell you why you may have had a failure and how we can help your race team fix that weak link. Our scope is wide. Our team is not too proud to tackle any job nor are we afraid. We prefer the challenge. We pride ourselves on being able to engineer solutions.

There are always different ways around problems and better ways to solve or improve upon it. We always think away from the norm. We have no boundaries. There are no limits. We do not believe that a ceiling exists or a number we cannot surpass. We approach all projects as a comprehensive engineering challenge. We challenge ourselves to build whatever it is that the project demands. Since 1995, this distinction has been what makes us different. In 25 years, we have continuously explored new horizons and let our passion for the automotive industry guide us.

We are actually one of the few race shops that have the capability to build anything and build it all on the premises. Though we are more of a manufacturer now, we still stick true to our roots and build race cars. Simply said, we do it all in the house to monitor and ensure only the highest quality and most durable product whatever it may be, represents what Magnus Motorsports stands for.

October 2008

The 1st

6 Second Mitsubishi

Brent Rau 4G63-powered Modified Mitsubishi Eclipse became the 1st NHRA Sport Compact Series Modified class & 1st Mitsubishi to break the 6sec barrier - powered by Magnus Motorsports. As of 2008 Brent held the following accolades with the 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse:

  • 3 Time World Champion
  • IDRC World Champion
  • NDRA World Champion
  • Reset the World Record 3 Times in 1 Year
  • 1400hp 6 second Mitsubishi 2.0L 4G63, 86 psi of boost 11,000 RPM

marco brent


April 2011

Feature in Gear Box Magazine

Inside Magnus Motorsports

They make the fastest 4G63s in the world.  As an assignment for Gearbox Magazine, this one sounded rather simple. Drive up to Toronto and interview the team from Magnus Motorsports. Then report back on who they are, what they do, with some history to back things up.   For two months I have been struggling to write this article.  With my book of excuses almost exhausted, the fact is that Magnus Motorsports is not what I expected. If you don’t know who Magnus Motorsports is or have never heard the name, we better start with a quick history lesson... (Read More)

November 2016

Ekanoo GTR 1/4 Mile

World Record

The quickest stock chassis Nissan GT-R on the planet, which clocked a quarter-mile time of 7.168 seconds and 209.05 miles per hour (336.44 kilometers per hour) at a recent round of the Bahrain Drag Racing Championship. "Engine built by drag racing specialist Magnus Motorsport." - Motor1.com Magnus Ekanoo Drag Race World Record GTR launch

June 2016

Feature in DSPORT Magazine

CSF Racing EVO X

Focusing on Performance. DSPORT Magazine featured the build of the CSF EVO X as Magnus delivered the car to the race track. Dsport-MagnusEVOX-019-4B11T

December 2017

Ekanoo Racing's Porsche 997

World Record

The Worlds fastest 996's and 997's use the Magnus Motorsports Dual Lower Intake Manifolds.  The performance of this piece was proven on the EKanooRacing's 997, as it set a New World Record!

ES2XXX 997 GT2 Runs 7.95@305KM/H (190MPH)

  • Driven by Mohamed Zainalabedin
  • Built by EKanooRacing & ESMOTOR
  • Engine Management Syvecs 
  • Tuned by Emre Levant

ekanoo racing Magnus motorsports Porsche 996/997 Dual Injector Lower Intake Manifold

October 2018

BANZAI Magazine

Front Cover

The intercooler is a CSF vertical flow core unit that was fabricated by Sheepey Built, which leads to a Magnus Motorsports Bosch 82mm drive-by-wire throttle body and onto a Magnus Motorsports race intake manifold that gets its fuel from a Magnus Motorsports fuel rail. 

  • Oil Delivery
    • Peterson Dry Sump Oil System by Magnus Motorsports
  • Intake
    • Magnus Motorsports Race Intake Manifold
    • Magnus Motorsports 82mm Drive-By Wire Throttle Body

Banzai-Mag_Magnus Motorsports_CSF

March 2018


Quickest Mitsubishi AWD

The Red Demon by Boostin Performance features Magnus Intake Manifold, Fuel Rails, Billet Transfer Case,  Billet Output Shafts and Gears and Chromoly Subframe. The Records set are : FASTEST AWD 4cyl and QUICKEST AWD 4cyl

  • Car : 1997 Eagle Talon
  • Engine : 4G63
  • Driver: Devin Schultz
  • 1/4 Best ET: 7.047 @ 204.57MPH


December 2018


Feature and Front Cover

"CSF Radiators Completes One of the Most Epic Mitsubishi EVO X Builds of Our Time" photographed by Larry Chen.

SuperStreet_Magnus Motorsports_Front Cover 

October 2019

Haltech World Cup Finals

Sergio Reyes Procco 7.776 ET / 185.31 MPH Haltech_World Cup_Finals


Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

2nd Place - Unlimited Division

Time - 10:11:446

The Unlimited Division features some of the most exotic vehicles in the world, many purpose-built for the PPIHC. These racecars hold the best chance of setting a new overall course record.

The Boyd Evo X has the full catalog of Magnus parts Built by JC Fabworks llc, driven by Derek Boyd!
Magnus 4B11T Sleeved Crate Engine
Magnus Evo X Mivec Deletes
Magnus 4B11 Ported Head
Magnus Dry Sump Kit
Magnus Race Intake Manifold
Magnus Front/Rear Subframes
Magnus Race Harness
Syvecs S12 w/ PDU32s
Syvecs SDM-500 Dash with GPS
Tuned by Magnus Motorsports

JC Fabworks_Boyd Racing_Magnus_Motorsports_Pikes Peak 2020_Unlimited Class