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Magnus Policies


WE ONLY ANSWER QUESTIONS REGARDING OUR PRODUCTS.  We cannot give people we do not know free advice over the phone.  You must realize this is nothing personal, but we are looking after current clients best interests. 

This is not to say that we do not give advice.  We have just come to realize that those who pay for our advice are those who should be taken care of first.  As a paying customer, or a future paying customer you will come to appreciate this policy.  We do offer consultation services, and many people take advantage of this service.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE OUR CONSULTATION SERVICES, WE WILL ANSWER ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS FOR A FEE.  THAT FEE IS NEGOTIABLE AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR PHONE CALL.  For major quotations (engines, complete car builds etc.) we use this up front fee to make sure the client is serious and when the order is placed, the credit is applied.  Consider the value of having a professional answering your questions as many others have, our knowledge in this field will save you time and money, you will not be making the same mistakes we see others do over and over.

Thank you for your understanding.

EMAIL IS THE BEST WAY TO REACH US. We prefer short emails over phone calls.  Our parts and services are available internationally and we do receive a large volume of inquiries.  If you do not get a response within two business days, please resend the email with ‘RESENT’ in the subject line.  It is possible for our domain and filters to block or be blocked in some foreign countries.  If you haven’t received a response, try sending it from a different email account.  Lastly, although not preferred, you may contact us via our Instagram @magnus_motorsports.

Keep your questions short and sweet if you expect to get an answer, novels will be ignored. General tech questions regarding other people products will be ignored. Make sure you don’t get nailed by the spam bot! If you have not received an email response, your email has probably been flagged as spam by our server, or provider.  Please try a different email address.

Thank you for your understanding

Warranty Policy

Magnus offers the best warranty in the business. We know that our name is synonymous with the highest quality craftsmanship and customer service, and we and will continue to do so as long as we are here.

If you have a problem with your Magnus product and would like to know if it is covered under warranty, we must inspect it at our facility. If deemed damaged by the consumer, we can assess the repair of the product and an estimated cost.  If your product is deemed defective it will be repaired or replaced and returned to you free of charge, shipping charges to Magnus, and individual country customs charges notwithstanding.

Returns, Exchange

No refund, exchanges and store credits only.  Please review and be certain before you order. We will however offer you a full value in store credit for the value of the item that you purchased, not including shipping charges. When returning goods to Magnus you must first call for a return authorization (RA) number. You cannot just return something and expect us to find it in the mountain of packages that come in. The RA number must be clearly marked on the outside of the box and the inside of the box must contain your contact information. All items returned for exchange must be unused, and perfect condition. All items to be returned must have proper documentation present to be identified by our customs broker and be processed with customs. All returned products must be marked RETURN, or Warranty return on the documentation. We reserve the right to refuse the package if the proper documentation has not been filled out. We will not on any occasion ship you a new product without receiving the first product back, unless a security deposit is paid. There is a 20 percent restocking fee on all products, custom made products are non refundable.

Shipping, Customs, and Duties

Magnus ships Worldwide via UPS, CanadaPost / EMS or our international freight forwarder.

Magnus is not responsible for duty charges incurred when importing products to your home country. If you choose to pay for overnight delivery, these brokerage fees are usually included in the cost of shipping.

Please be aware of the duties associated with shipping to your home country. Magnus will not cancel orders because of any duties you incur. Any shipment refused or returned due to duty charges will be subject to an additional shipping charge to cover the expense of the goods being returned to Magnus. We adhere to strict guidelines in regards to declared customs value and will NOT fraudulently undervalue shipments as a means of reducing duty costs.

Ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions listed above prior to placing your order. Should there be any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Magnus can arrange pickup in any international country for your Engine or Transmission to be sent to us by our preferred freight company. Product must be drained of all oil. It must be crated or at the very least on a skid and protected from the elements, please ensure that it is well packaged so it is not damaged during transport.