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INFO The pump is compatible with Gas, Methanol, and Ethanol. The MF Fuel Pump is constructed of out of billet aluminum. Internal hardened gears are hand lapped increase lifespan and reduce the coefficient of friction. The gear housing is constructed from Anti-Galling and corrosion resistant material and further DLC coated to resist the low lubricant


There are a multitude of different options out there for choosing the right fuel system for your race car or high performance street car. Some go with a high flow electric pump, sometimes even two or three electric pumps, while others choose the route of a mechanical fuel pump. All are looking to achieve the

4B11 Mitsubishi Evolution X Dry Sump kit _top down view


MAGNUS DRY SUMPS OIL SYSTEM Magnus Dry Sumps continue to be sought after in every genre of Motorsports, including Performance Street, Drag Racing, Time Attack, Formula Drift and Rally cars. Here at Magnus, we have been at the forefront of building race engines for the past two decades. When we say that we have done

Marco Passante Shifting Magnus Motorsports Stroker 4G63


In this article we’ll highlight some of the differences between the newest generation 4G63 and the early 4G63 motors. Here is one of our stage 3 Evolution engine blocks. This particular model is a stroker. We enlarged the bore to 3.366” and added 12mm more stroke to get roughly 2.3L of displacement. Notice the proprietary