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NEVER TOO SOON for a Mechanical Fuel Pump.

There are a multitude of different options out there for choosing the right fuel system for your race car or high performance street car. Some go with a high flow electric pump, sometimes even two or three electric pumps, while others choose the route of a mechanical fuel pump. All are looking to achieve the


Newly Revised EVO VII-IX Front Subframe

Magnus Motorsports Evo VII-IX CT9A Front Subframe As the Mitsubishi Evolution CT9A platform continues to get faster and faster, we are all demanding more from the chassis. As the level continues to reach a new peak, we continue to create new products to solve known & arising problems that come with making more power, increased







The Shootout 2016

The DSM Shootout has definitely outgrown the little “Drunk’N’Drag” get together for some DSM enthusiasts that was fulfilled with some sweet 12second cars and drunken stories. It really puts a smile on our face to see that The Shootout has grown to an almost 10,000 attendee event. Yet another great shootout has gone by and


Porsche 996/997 Dual Injector Lower Intake Manifold

The Uncommon Became Common Our relationship with modifying Porsches had started long before it had become common to modify exotics within the tuner circle. While it was believed to be wrong to modify vehicles of that kind unless it was for upscale levels of competition; we were amongst the few that would argue with those


Known Counterfeiter Alfateh on Facebook Alfateh Mohd Hazrul Bin Jaafar

COUNTERFEITER ALERT Congratulations Alfateh! You made the front page of Magnus Motorsports website Please share this in all of your car related groups and on your pages on Facebook and throughout social media, read on for further information COUNTERFEITER ALERT: Magnus would like to call out a known counterfeiter operating in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia who







Correct Camshaft Control & EVO X MIVEC Delete

Correct Camshaft Control = More Power First used and tested in our Famous EVO X build to reach 1000 hp consistently and safely. The catastrophic failures tied to MIVEC when upgrading the cams and valves springs has been a known issue for many years.  Shortly after the issue arose we had come up with a solution.  Higher


Magnus Dogbox FAQs

After over 7 years of design research and development, we have come up with a small FAQ list that can help the novice better understand the misconceptions there are out there about Dogbox or dog engagement transmissions. This may also double as transverse engine drag racers drivetrain installation tutorial and checklist. Read everything carefully and


EVO Stroker Build-up

EVO Stroker Build-up Here’s a little pictorial on putting together an Evolution race motor. In this article we’ll highlight some of the differences between the newest generation 4G63 and the early 4G63 motors. Here is one of our stage 3 Evolution engine blocks. This particular model is a stroker. We enlarged the bore to 3.366”


Kaaz vs Torsen Differentials

Kaaz vs Torsen Differentials First off: we get the same questions from people when they ask us why we don’t sell Torsen type LSD’s. First of all we don’t like the people at that ‘other LSD company’ they’re d***. Secondly in our opinion they sell an inferior product that is way overpriced. The dudes at


Crankwalk Theory

Crankwalk Theory February 2007 – This will be my last update to this. I have left this up on my site as a testament to how naïve and stupid I was when I was younger. I should have listened to my father who had been a mechanic for 40 years. He said, “Change that clutch that’s