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Magnus Detailed Engine List • All pistons are available in any custom bore size and custom compression ratio’s • Headgaskets available are up to 87mm larger bore sizes must source own gasket • We recommend steel rods for anything up to 800HP • Anything above 800 hp we recommend aluminum rods and our 23mm Pin


There are a multitude of different options out there for choosing the right fuel system for your race car or high performance street car. Some go with a high flow electric pump, sometimes even two or three electric pumps, while others choose the route of a mechanical fuel pump. All are looking to achieve the

Magnus Motorsports Evo VII-IX CT9A Front Subframe As the Mitsubishi Evolution CT9A platform continues to get faster and faster, we are all demanding more from the chassis. As the level continues to reach a new peak, we continue to create new products to solve known & arising problems that come with making more power, increased

The Shootout 2016

The DSM Shootout has definitely outgrown the little “Drunk’N’Drag” get together for some DSM enthusiasts that was fulfilled with some sweet 12second cars and drunken stories. It really puts a smile on our face to see that The Shootout has grown to an almost 10,000 attendee event. Yet another great shootout has gone by and