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Marco Passante Shifting Magnus Motorsports Stroker 4G63


In this article we’ll highlight some of the differences between the newest generation 4G63 and the early 4G63 motors. Here is one of our stage 3 Evolution engine blocks. This particular model is a stroker. We enlarged the bore to 3.366” and added 12mm more stroke to get roughly 2.3L of displacement. Notice the proprietary

The Magnus Motor Recipe

Magnus motorsports is the leading 4G63 engine builder in the world.  Our engines have won a considerable number of world championship races in numerous motorsports arenas, including Drag Racing, Road racing, Autocross, Rally and Hill climb. Our 13 years of experience have allowed us to create multiple variations and combinations for the 4G63 which give

Magnus Motorsports Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit for EVO X with OEM evo 8-9 Master Cylinder

We have seen even stock EVO X’s under spirited driving blow up the master cylinder, our latest design addresses this issue. This DIY guide will help you get it done right. evox_gsr_clutch_master_cyl_install_guide (view file for pictures or print) Tools needed;  10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm end wrenches and sockets  12mm deep well socket &

Magnus Detailed Engine List • All pistons are available in any custom bore size and custom compression ratio’s • Headgaskets available are up to 87mm larger bore sizes must source own gasket • We recommend steel rods for anything up to 800HP • Anything above 800 hp we recommend aluminum rods and our 23mm Pin