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1G in a 2G how to prevent crank walk by magnus motorsports

1G in a 2G

How to put a 1G engine in a 2G car. Complete installation guide. So here it is finally an easier way for you 2G owners to get away from the dreaded crankwalk. It seems this was the answer most of you wanted, so we found a solution on how to mate the 1G motor utilizing

Magnus Dogbox FAQs

After over 7 years of design research and development, we have come up with a small FAQ list that can help the novice better understand the misconceptions there are out there about Dogbox or dog engagement transmissions. This may also double as transverse engine drag racers drivetrain installation tutorial and checklist. Read everything carefully and

Kaaz vs Torsen Differentials First off: we get the same questions from people when they ask us why we don’t sell Torsen type LSD’s. First of all we don’t like the people at that ‘other LSD company’ they’re d***.  Secondly in our opinion they sell an inferior product that is way overpriced.  The dudes at

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Crankwalk Theory

Crankwalk Theory February 2007 – This will be my last update to this. I have left this up on my site as a testament to how naïve and stupid I was when I was younger. I should have listened to my father who had been a mechanic for 40 years. He said, “Change that clutch that’s