Correct Camshaft Control & EVO X MIVEC Delete

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Correct Camshaft Control = More Power

First used and tested in our Famous EVO X build to reach 1000 hp consistently and safely.

The catastrophic failures tied to MIVEC when upgrading the cams and valves springs has been a known issue for many years.  Shortly after the issue arose we had come up with a solution.  Higher engine acceleration rates cause the PID of the camshaft control to be unable to operate within its limits.  Adding larger turbo’s that spool up above 4500 RPM negate advantages of having MIVEC control.   Deleting the MIVEC altogether gave us consistent camshaft control.  Locking  the cam gears in place results in smoother power delivery as the ECU is not constantly trying to readjust for camshaft error.  Consistent high rpm tuning and camshaft adjustability result in being able to dial in your power band more effectively.


When upgrading to larger camshafts and stiffer valve springs, the original exhaust MIVEC  cam gear is prone to failure.  We highly recommend replacing one or both.


  • Consistent high RPM tuning
  • Ability to position camshafts at correct lobe centers for increased power
  • No more broken camshafts
  • No more broken cam gears
  • No more failures affiliated with MIVEC