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The Uncommon Became Common Our relationship with modifying Porsches had started long before it had become common to modify exotics within the tuner circle. While it was believed to be wrong to modify vehicles of that kind unless it was for upscale levels of competition; we were amongst the few that would argue with those

COUNTERFEITER ALERT Congratulations Alfateh! You made the front page of Magnus Motorsports website Please share this in all of your car related groups and on your pages on Facebook and throughout social media, read on for further information. COUNTERFEITER ALERT: Magnus would like to call out a known counterfeiter operating in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia who

Correct Camshaft Control = More Power First used and tested in our Famous EVO X build to reach 1000 hp consistently and safely. The catastrophic failures tied to MIVEC when upgrading the cams and valves springs has been a known issue for many years.  Shortly after the issue arose we had come up with a solution.  Higher

1G in a 2G how to prevent crank walk by magnus motorsports

1G in a 2G

How to put a 1G engine in a 2G car. Complete installation guide. So here it is finally an easier way for you 2G owners to get away from the dreaded crankwalk. It seems this was the answer most of you wanted, so we found a solution on how to mate the 1G motor utilizing