Magnus 4G63 36-2 Crank Trigger Kit



Magnus 4G63 36-2 Timing Trigger Kit

The problem :  We wanted smoother timing control when on launch control and in traction control strategies to take advantage of modern ECU strategies.  The standard 2 tooth ignition was not going to cut it.

⚠️ We wanted a different crank trigger for the 4G63 that gave you finer control of your race engine utilizing newer strategies in the latest ECU packages⚙️

🔴Introducing the 36-2 Magnus 4G63 Crank Trigger Kit🔴

Our crank trigger wheel consists of a 36-2 tooth crank trigger wheel that has been Chromium nitrate PVC coated to resist corrosion and a ZF / Cherry hall effect Sensor, Sensor Gaps and heights have been specially designed to work in conjunction wth each other to over 13,000 RPM.

This higher frequency of teeth per revolution allows you to take full control of many aspects of your tune and really dial in the systems that are already in place.

Benefits to this trigger wheel set up include:

✅ Finer ignition timing control
✅ Better knock control
✅ More accurate two step launch control
✅ More responsive activation of traction control
✅ Finer adjustment with enhanced accuracy
✅ Trigger wheel is especially beneficial with higher end ECU’s such as Syvecs, Motec, Haltech and FuelTech

Gapping between the trigger wheel and the pickup should be set a .060 or 1.5MM


MMCENG1250  Magnus 4G63 36-2 Crank Trigger Kit 


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in