Magnus 4G63 DSM EVO Head Studs



Don’t put together your latest engine build without these fasteners. When we needed to hold down the cylinder head at all costs, “other” head studs were not up to par. Since 2002 when we were exploring pressure of 100psi on our methanol motors, we soon realized that what was available on the market was not up to the task of keeping the head firmly planted under extreme conditions and high cylinder pressures. Developed exclusively for use in Brent Rau’s NDRA and NHRA winning race engine program which develops over 1400 hp, They are the very best head studs you can buy and are reusable over and over again!

Magnus Studs are made of L19 Premium Steel to be superior in strength delivering up to 260,000 PSI clamp load.

Head gasket sealing tip from our expert engine builder Marco Passante:
“Put together your next engine build with these Magnus Studs a smooth surface finish of less than 40RA on the block and head in conjunction with our gaskets, and have a proper seal on you engine that can withstand all the hp you can make.”

VERY IMPORTANT : Torquing specs: 105 ft lbs with “30 weight oil” or 85 – 90 ft lbs with Moly Lube.

Part #

  • MMCENG1049 7 Bolt EVO 11mm
  • MMCENG1050 6 Bolt DSM VR4 12mm

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 in
Magnus Head Studs

7 Bolt EVO 11mm, 6 Bolt DSM 12mm