Magnus Crest Sticker




At Magnus Motorsports our goal throughout the years has been to produce the most well built cars with the greatest amount of horsepower. People continuously come to us looking to increase the performance in their car but are some times limited by their budget. We felt a need to create a product that increased power but was easy to install and did not break the bank. Introducing the all new Magnus Motorsports Crest stickers.

During the development process we decided to turn to the most trusted source of information in modern day automotive tuning, the internet. Through exhausting research we’ve found that these can have the potential to add up to 13WHP each depending on the application! If you install all four stickers you are likely to receive a maximum increase of 52WHP! (results may vary)

Purchase any item from us and these will be included in your package at no additional cost! That’s up to 52 WHP for free! You can’t lose!

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*** Due to potential unreliability of the internet, HP Increase cannot be guaranteed but at least you’ll look cool.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in