Syvecs Accessories & Sensors



Pin Kits

  • Pin Kit/Connector for S7i
  • Pin Kit/Connector for S7Plus
  • Pin Kit/Connector for S8
  • Pin Kit/Connector for S12


  • 4 Bar MAP sensor
  • 5 Bar MAP sensor
  • Fast-Response Air Temp Sensor
  • Flex Fuel Sensor
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor (10bar)
  • Bosch “Full Range” knock sensor
  • Bosch LSU 4.9
  • 2m Syvecs PnP cable + LSU 4.9
  • NTK LZA-09-E1 Wideband Lambda Sensor
  • 2.5m Syvecs PnP Lambda cable
  • 2.5m PnP cable + NTK Lambda Sensor
  • Oil Pressure Sensor (10bar)
  • Fluid Temperature Sensor


  • R35 GTR 4WD controller
  • Huracan 4WD Controller
  • Porsche 991 4WD Controller
  • Bluetooth Dongle V2 and 2019 App
  • Calibration switch
  • CAN Bridge V2 inc billet case
  • Single Channel Full Bridge Driver
  • GDI Driver 12 channels inc connector
  • Syvecs GPS Receiver 50HZ 3Axis
  • I/O4 expander including connector kit
  • I/O10 Expander inc connector kit
  • Pierburg 3 port solenoid
  • Syvecs Wi-Fi Dongle
  • K-Type 8 channel EGT expander V2
  • Plex Knock Monitor V2 Single Channel
  • Plex Knock Monitor V2 Dual Channel


We offer you a high level of precise tuning with a wide range of Syvecs products. We carry the full line of Syvecs products.

All Syvecs ECUs are shipped without base maps applied. 

Please contact us for a suitable base map, pricing and availability on any ECU application not listed as well as any sensors, displays, connectors, triggers, coils or any other products.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Options & Accessories

Pin Kit/Connector for S7i, Pin Kit/Connector for S7Plus, Pin Kit/Connector for S8, Pin Kit/Connector for S12, 4 Bar MAP Sensor, 5 Bar MAP Sensor, Fast-Response Air Temp Sensor, Flex Fuel Sensor, Fuel Pressure Sensor (10 Bar), Bosch "Full Range" knock sensor, Bosch LSU 4.9, 2m Syvecs PnP cable + LSU 4.9, NTK LZA-09-E1 Wideband Lambda Sensor, 2.5m Syvecs PnP Lambda cable, 2.5m PnP cable + NTK Lambda Sensor, Oil Pressure Sensor (10 Bar), Fluid Temperature Sensor, R35 GTR 4WD Controller, Huracan 4WD Controller, Porsche 991 4WD Controller, Bluetooth Dongle V2 and 2019 App, Calibration Switch, CAN Bridge V2 inc billet case, Single Channel Full Bridge Driver, GDI Driver 12 channels, Syvecs GPS Receiver 50Hz 3Axis, I/O 4 Expander inc connector, I/O 10 Expander inc connector, Pierburg 3 port solenoid, Syvecs Wi-Fi Dongle, K-Type 8 channel EGT expander, Plex Knock Monitor V2 Single Channel, Plex Knock Monitor V2 Dual Channel