Syvecs Accessories & Sensors




Pin Kits

  • Pin Kit/Connector for S7i
  • Pin Kit/Connector for S7Plus
  • Pin Kit/Connector for S8
  • Pin Kit/Connector for S12


  • 4 Bar MAP Sensor
  • 5 Bar MAP Sensor
  • Fast-Response Air Temp Sensor
  • Flex Fuel Sensor
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor (10 Bar)
  • Bosch “Full Range” knock sensor
  • Bosch LSU 4.9
  • 2m Syvecs PnP cable + LSU 4.9
  • NTK LZA-09-E1 Wideband Lambda Sensor
  • 2.5m Syvecs PnP Lambda cable
  • 2.5m PnP cable + NTK Lambda Sensor
  • Oil Pressure Sensor (10 Bar)
  • Fluid Temperature Sensor


  • Bluetooth Dongle V2 and 2019 App
  • Calibration Switch
  • CAN Bridge V2 inc billet case
  • Single Channel Full Bridge Driver
  • GDI Driver 6 channels
  • GDI Driver 12 channels
  • Syvecs GPS Receiver 50Hz 3Axis
  • I/O Expander inc connector
  • Pierburg 3 port solenoid
  • Syvecs Wi-Fi Dongle
  • K-Type 8 channel EGT expander
  • Syvecs Can VR speed interference
  • Plex Knock Monitor V2 Single Channel
  • Plex Knock Monitor V2 Dual Channel


We offer you a high level of precise tuning with a wide range of Syvecs products. We carry the full line of Syvecs products.

All Syvecs ECUs are shipped without base maps applied. 

Please contact us for a suitable base map, pricing and availability on any ECU application not listed as well as any sensors, displays, connectors, triggers, coils or any other products.