VR38 RWD Titanium Bell housing



Titanium Bell Housing for Rear Wheel Drive Converted VR38’s. Manufactured from a single piece of spun titanium and SFI Approved. Mate the RWD transmission of your choice to a VR38 engine in the chassis of your choice. Perfect for RWD tube Chassis cars, Street rods, Drift builds, and carbon monocoque vehicles. For use with Magnus RWD VR38 conversion Kit MMCDRV7000.

Available for Clutch or converter cars. Designed to be used with Quick Drive, Liberty Transmission, G force transmission, TH400 transmission, Billet torque converter or Clutch


  • SFI Approved
  • Spun from a single piece of titanium
  • Compatible with a variety of transmissions


Part# MMCDRV7100

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