2.0L / 2.2L DSM Methanol Drag Motor



Are you ready to make 1000AWHP?

Magnus Motorsports can get you to 1000AWHP and beyond with our race proven 4G63 2.0L Drag Motor. Featured in both Brent Rau’s Pro Outlaw Eclipse in RWD trim and Marco’s own AWD Blue Bullet Talon, this motor has proven itself over and over again in terms of performance and longevity. At Magnus not only do we build and fabricate show piece components and record holding motors but we also race what we sell!

The difference between them and us!

How do we still hold the world record you might ask? We start by carefully selecting our cores, each short block is degreased and magnufluxed by our highly skilled machinists. Once a core has passed inspection it is prepped and hard blocked. Using only the best material available for this process Magnus sets out on the tedious and meticulous task of filling all the water jackets. While some of our competitors may attempt this process we can assure you no one takes it to the level we do. Our cores have certain components installed at this point to ensure fastening stresses that would normally be in the block when assembled are present to ensure the block remains true to form. We also allow a longer curing time when the process is complete.

We then strap a torque plate down and each block is bored and honed to fit our 10.5:1 custom spec piston. Our pistons are designed specifically for methanol and feature a larger than stock pin size to ensure a strong fit when the ARP L19 rod bolts from our aluminum connecting rods are torqued down to our custom spec 88mm Billet Crankshaft. Our entire rotating assembly is then balanced and blueprinted and spins on a set of race series main and connecting rod bearings. All of our Methanol Monsters are align honed with a set of ARP main studs and held firmly in place with our main girdle.

At this point it’s time to focus on the cylinder head. Once again we begin the process by carefully selecting our cores to ensure the end result is a cylinder head of the utmost quality. Each head is disassembled, inspected and degreased. At this point we take a visit to our fabrication department. The bare head is fastened to a fixture we have designed to prevent any flexing while it is simultaneously heated and the water passages to the shortblock are welded closed followed by a skim to the deck surface. Custom CNC porting is the next ingredient in this recipe of success; our intake ports see over 40 CFM from stock and the exhaust more than 50 CFM. A five angle valve job and another complete cleaning are done prior to final assembly. Supertech 1mm oversize valves are installed along with a set of Magnus Beehive springs, titanium retainers, bronze guides and valve stem seals.

Our 2.0L Methanol Motor comes assembled and includes:

  • MLS 0.055″ Head Gasket
  • Magnus L19 Head Studs
  • Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit
  • Adjustable Cam Gears
  • Magnus Spec Alcohol Camshaft
  • New Lifters and Rockers
  • Gates Timing Belt and all new timing components
  • Front Cover / Oil Pump Assembly
  • Oil Filter Housing
  • Rear main housing
  • All new OE gaskets and seals throughout

If you are serious about purchasing one of these motors, we will gladly custom tailor it to your needs

In addition to our 2.0L Methanol Motor we strongly advise our customers to include the following components in their build.

Cooling System – Magnus fabricates custom thermostat housings specifically for our methanol motors. Our 16AN thermostat housing is made from 6061 aluminum and the flange is CNC machined to ensure a proper fit. We are able to add additional bungs for sensors and gauges on request. In addition to the housing Magnus also fabricates a custom 16AN water neck. Most importantly is the Electric Water Pump. Because cooling needs and fitment can vary between applications please allow us to assist you in selecting the proper pump for your application. Magnus is also able to fabricate mounting solutions on a per order basis.

Fuel System – To reliably and safely supply your fuel needs we recommend using a Magnus Mechanical Fuel Pump Drive in conjunction with a Waterman fuel pump and our 2200cc methanol fuel injectors.

Drivetrain – At these power levels the stock transmission is well beyond taxed. Magnus’ Dog Box Gearset is not only much stronger than its OE counterpart it also allows the driver to shift more precisely and quickly. We are able to provide our customers with either a gear set or a completely assembled Dogmission.

Oil Supply – OE oil pumps are designed to work up to 8000 RPM which is obviously just not enough for our high revving Methanol Motors. Keep your oil pressure consistent throughout your engine with Magnus’ dry sump kit.

Part # MMEENG1073

Additional information

Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 in