4B11 Mitsubishi Evolution X Dry Sump kit



The New challenge was accepted

Here at Magnus Motorsports we have been building Mitsubishi’s long before modifying imports was popular in North America. With a history of over 25 years in building these cars the 4G63 has been perfected by us to an extent far beyond what was imagined when it first became “cool” to build these cars. Many may look at the 4G63 as an old platform and wonder why we are here 37 years later still wasting our time on them. The answer is simple; we still have a lot of unfinished business with it. For the last of the breed Mitsubishi had introduced a completely new platform for the Evo X. Once again a new challenge was accepted and another journey had begun.

The cause of engine failure

With the past few years spent on developing go fast parts for the 4B11 a dry sump system was once again a necessity. The motor may be new but the nature of an engine has not been changed. High RPM launch control, Cornering, Launching, Braking, any one of these will upset the oil level in your car. In drag racing what we experience is 2 step launch control for 2 – 4 seconds (depleting the pan of oil) a multiple G-force launch, moving the oil to the back of the pan. Now, let’s pull the parachute! What little oil is left is pushed to the front of the motor. You can see why we resorted to overfilling our engines and immediately shutting them down after crossing the line. Overfilling the engines just would end up filling our breather tanks, causing other problems. All of these problems together can cause the oil level in the pan to run below the oil pickup, causing the pump to run dry and destroy your engine, oil pump, or turbo.

This is the solution

Don’t listen to the internet forums and other companies out there that tell you that there are other solutions for preventing loss of oil supply, and that a dry sump is not necessary. Here at Magnus we have dedicated over 15 years in studying the nature of oil supply throughout an engine with the 4G63 platform. We took this project very seriously and spent a few years collecting data from all of the race cars we had in the field. Of all the failures ever recorded, from Oil pump failures, to turbo failures, they could have all been avoided had there not been a drop in oil pressure. We would hate to know how many turbochargers have been falsely accused of failing because of lack of oil.



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Magnus Motorsports_EVO X_ Dry Sump_Matt Galiano

Matt Galiano EVO X – Grade A Garage

Magnus Motorsports_4D Engineering_EVO X_Dry Sump Kit_Larry Chen

Magnus Motorsports_4D Engineering_EVO X_Dry Sump Kit_Larry Chen



  • Magnus pump mount
  • Magnus oil pan
  • Magnus HTD crank drive
  • Magnus alternator mount
  • Magnus brackets
  • Magnus Dry Sump Oil Tank
  • Dry Sump Breather Tank
  • Peterson R4 pump
  • Magnus Fittings
  • Hardware and spacers

Part # MMCENG6000

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 16 × 16 in