Magnus 180mm High Flow 25 Micron Pre and 12 Micron Post Fuel Filters



Due to the exacting tolerances used in the manufacturing of Magnus Fuel Pumps, we recommended using the Magnus 25 Micron Pre-Filter and 12 Micron Post-Filter to enhance your fuel system performance with added protection for your fuel pump.

*Notice* Our testing have shown that 100 micron fuel filters do not provide enough filtration to be compatible with our pump.  We suggest using Magnus Fuel Filters.

Magnus Pre and Post Filter elements are 170mm.  The housing is 180mm long.  This combination provides high flow and excellent low micron capture rates.

Magnus Filters Features

  • High Flow @ 12 gallons per minute
  • Rated for all major fuel types including Gasoline, Race Gas, Ethanol, Methanol etc.
  • Rated for use with Injector Dynamics injectors
  • Female -12ORB inlet included with Viton O-Ring
  • Female -12ORB outlet included Viton O-Ring
  • Can be disassembled for cleaning and inspection
  • Re-usable Inline Filter
  • Replaceable Inline Filter
  • Anodized Body for durability

Add On:

Part Numbers:

  • MMCFUL1200-001 Magnus 180mm 25 Micron Pre Filter (Wire Cloth)
  • MMCFUL1200-002 Magnus 180mm 12 Micron Post Filter (Micro Glass)

Additional information

Filter Options

Magnus 25micron Pre Filter, Magnus 12 Micron Post-Filter, Both Pre and Post

Add On Fittings

-12 Orb to -10an (2 Pcs), -12Orb to -12an (2 Pcs), -12 Orb to -10an (4 Pcs), -12Orb to -12an (4 Pcs), No Fittings