Dry Sump Belts and Mechanical Fuel pump belts GILMER and HTD



Replacement Dry sump Belts and Mechanical Fuel pump belts, We stock all normal sizes.  Add extra belts to your international order to ensure no hiccups on track day.

Gilmer Belts have a Square Profile and typically used for fuel related installs as they are available in 1/2 inch sizes (13mm).  While HTD Belts have a Rounded Profile (like a timing belt and used for oil and Dry Sump applications).  HTD belts carry more torque “High Torque Drive”  all of our belts are stocked in 20mm width.  If its not here ask!

Our Belt Selection includes:

225 L Gilmer | 230 L Gilmer | 240 Gilmer | 285 L Gilmer | 300 L Gilmer | 304 L Gilmer | 315 L Gilmer | 784-8M Gilmer | 800-8M Gilmer | 240 HTD | 560-8M HTD | 576-8M HTD | 592-8M HTD | 640-8M HTD | 656-8M HTD | 672-8M HTD | 680-8M HTD | 696-8M HTD | 720-8M HTD | 760-8M HTD | 784-8M HTD | 880-8M HTD

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
Choose from Gilmer Belts

225 L Gilmer, 230 L Gilmer, 240 Gilmer, 285 L Gilmer, 300 L Gilmer, 304 L Gilmer, 315 L Gilmer, 784-8M Gilmer, 800-8M Gilmer, 240 HTD, 560-8M HTD, 576-8M HTD, 592-8M HTD, 640-8M HTD, 656-8M HTD, 672-8M HTD, 680-8M HTD, 696-8M HTD, 720-8M HTD, 760-8M HTD, 784-8M HTD, 880-8M HTD