Magnus 4G63 Billet Stroker Kit



We did all the homework for you!

It’s been more than ten years that we have been experimenting with multiple applications on the 4G63. We have produced every kind of combination that you can possibly imagine. Do you want that unique set up for your engine? No worries chances are we have already done it. We’ve modified the OEM cranks past their structural limits. We have engineered and tested compression ratio’s from 7.5:1 to 12.5:1. no need to experiment with someone else’s product. We take the guesswork out of it for you; remember that you are shopping with the pioneers.

Your build must have the strongest foundation

Look at it this way, when building a sky scraper you’re not going to create the same foundation that you would for a two story house. So why use the weak and corner cut foundation. Use the foundation that we have created… The Magnus Billet Crank, we have performed many operations over the years to an OEM crank that gave us the answers to what works. Still being left with the structural limitations that you are faced with on a modified OEM crank we provide you with a lightened 4340 Billet chromemoly steel Magnus crank. But wait this is not where our experience and knowledge end.

You have the option to choose from Billet steel, Billet aluminum and titanium connecting rods. The big and small ends are finished to bottom sizes, to allow the professional engine builder to set the proper clearances for their application. They are sold in balanced sets, with the individual rod weights matched to within 1 gram.

Often imitated but never duplicated

Magnus pistons are built for maximum power. All pistons are for turbo and nitrous applications, unless specified for naturally aspirated use. Our pistons are designed to be lightest weight possible yet retain the most strength possible. High strength, taper wall pins are used in all applications. Pistons are designed to reduce thrust loading on cylinder walls, while prolonging bearing life at high RPM’s and remaining silent in their bores, even when installing at loose tolerances of .005” plus. Mitsubishi pistons feature our famous detonation fighting quench pad dish, which has been plagiarized by other companies as their own.  They may look similar but they are not the same.


  • Magnus crankshafts that is manufactured from lightened 4340 Billet chromemoly steel, with cross drilled oiling holes, large fillet radii, 2 lbs lighter than stock–yet 3 times as strong.
  • Magnus ‘I’ beam billet connecting rods. Our connecting rods are stress relieved and shot-peened for the ultimate in strength, and thoroughly tested by us to over 11,000 RPM.

Part # MMCENG1039   Magnus 4G63 Billet Stroker Kit

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 12 in
Stroker Kit Configurations

2.2L Billet Stroker Kit – 150mm rod, 2.2L Long Rod Billet Stroker Kit – 156mm rod 4G64, 2.3L Billet Stroker Kit – 150mm rod, 2.4L Long Rod Billet Stroker Kit – 156mm rod 4G64