Magnus 4G63 Water Neck Adapter



The Magnus water neck adapter removes the factory thermostat housing and provides an easy way to run your rad hoses.  Also excellent for RWD applications where your water neck hose will be into the firewall.  This will neatly run your had hose out of the way to adapt to a -16 ORB fitting.

When looking at the Magnus Crest logo, choose having the -16 ORB fitting on the RIGHT or LEFT side of the adapter.

Take a step to a cleaner, organized engine bay.

Ports are:

-16 ORB
1/8″ NPT
3/8″ NPT
Includes O-ring and mounting bolts.


  • MMCENG3009 Magnus 4G63 Water Neck Adapter -16ORD on Left Side
  • MMCENG3010 Magnus 4G63 Water Neck Adapter -16ORB on Right Side

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
Choose a Side

-16ORB on Left Side MMCENG3009, -16ORB on Right Side MMCENG3010