Magnus 4G63 CNC Ported Cylinder Head



Not getting enough power out of your bolt on parts?

Did you just build that new high dollar short block but are looking for the right cylinder head to achieve your high horsepower goal? Look no further than Magnus Motorsports and our CNC Ported Cylinder head for the 1G/2G DSM and Evo 8/9. With over 16 years of performance development we have the knowledge and expertise required to create the exact cylinder head you are looking for. We pride ourselves in creating the most horsepower, the highest performance with the greatest reliability. In order to do so we do not offer one simple “ported” cylinder head package that is put together for every customer. We strive to ensure that every cylinder head is configured to specifically meet the needs of each customer and their power requirements. This means that each cylinder head is made specifically for YOU! By working in an environment which avoids typical “production line” procedures we ensure that each cylinder head is of the upmost quality and tailored to your performance requirements.

Processed like no other.

Each of our CNC Ported Stage 3 Cylinder heads begin with the process of carefully inspecting every core that is received in order to ensure the end result is a cylinder head of the utmost quality. Once this is completed custom CNC porting is used in order to have full control over the port shape and surface finish. Our intake ports see over 40 CFM from stock and the exhaust more than 50 CFM. A competition multi angle valve job and another complete cleaning are done prior to final assembly. Stainless steel valves are installed along with a set of Magnus Beehive valve springs, titanium retainers, bronze guides and valve stem seals. This combination is crucial in ensuring that your cylinder head can produce power all the way to 11,000rpm.

We strongly advise our customers to combine our Stage 3 Cylinder head with one of our Magnus Cast Aluminum or Sheet Metal Intake manifolds. All of our cylinder heads have been designed to work directly with our intake manifolds to produce the most power. Backed by our lifetime guarantee, we ensure that you will never be disappointed by one of our products.

Part# MMEENG1077

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 22 in