Magnus Evo X Lightweight Brake Kit



KEEP YOUR REAR EMERGENCY BRAKE! The Magnus Evo lightweight brake package was developed out of necessity.  While testing with a popular off the shelf kit, one of our clients lost complete braking on the street. His car was a full weight, stock EVO X .  It weighed in here by us to be 3800lbs!  The popularity of half mile racing made us reconsider ever using parts from the old EVO brake packages.   We found other Brake kits were carry over technology from lighter weight cars. A race prepped DSM or early EVO can be as light as 2200 lbs! a similarly prepped EVO will weigh in at 3400lbs .  The same parts will not provide adequate braking on an EVO X!

The factory brake package is heavy, underperforms in a performance application and does not allow the use of a smaller wheel package. Unlike other generic brake packages using a cast calipers, Magnus lightweight brakes use a billet caliper designed for use in all types of racing.  This kit was developed for a drag and rally applications and has plenty of power to stop a full weight EVO from 200 mph without overheating.  Multiple pad compounds are available to suit your application along with two different rotor options, we prefer to use the vented front thick rotor to give excellent stopping even in street applications.

One of the last features that sets our brake kit apart from other is you can keep your rear parking brake.   This is a feature we needed and people asked for.  being able to park ont the street or on slopes, or help put your car in a trailer is worth the convenience.  It uses original internal drum brake. NOTE: ONLY TO BE USED PARKING, not to be used an an emergency brake.  The rear brake kit are not to be used to stop the car, again, only enable for parking.


  • Tailored to be a direct bolt on for the Evo X (no modification needed)
  • Rear Parking brake retained (NOT FOR EMERGENCY BRAKE USE)
  • Allows the use of 15″ rims
  • 34lbs lighter then OEM set up
  • 6061 Billet calipers
  • Immediate and decisive braking power
  • Increased thermal capacity
  • Anodized calipers and rotor hats
  • Available in Anodized Black


  • Set of 6061 billet 4 piston calipers
  • 6061 billet aluminum caliper brackets
  • Braided stainless steel brake lines
  • Two billet aluminum rotor hats
  • Two rotors (.320″ Solid lightweight rotor or .810″ standard vented disc)
  • Complete hardware

Part Numbers:

  • MMCBRK1006 – Evo X Front Brake Kit .320″ Rotor (Extreme Lightweight not Recommended for Street Use)
  • MMCBRK1008 Magnus EVO X .810″ Rotor Front Brake Kit Vented Disc Billet Calipers (Street Use Recommended)
  • MMCBRK1010 Magnus EVO X .810″ Rotor Rear Brake Kit w/ Stock Parking Brake 

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Evo X Drag Brakes

EVO X Front Brake Kit .320" Rotor w/ Billet Calipers, EVO X Rear Brake Kit .320" Rotor w/ Billet Calipers, EVO X .320″ Rotor Rear Brake Kit w/ Stock Parking Brake