Magnus GTR VR38 74mm Bosch Throttle Body Adaptor Kit



When upgrading your GTR’s throttle body to the 74mm Bosch Drive By Wire, the Magnus High Boost Adaptor Kit is an all-in one solution.

The reliability of this setup has proven itself with those whose power demands have surpassed the OEM limits.  Choose from either Silicone or Vibrant HD coupler.

These Adapters allow you to mount a Bosch 74mm Throttle body to your Magnus Billet VR38 intake or any intake manifold that uses a Stock GTR bolt pattern.

The billet adaptors on both sides of the throttle are CNC machined from billet aluminum for a brilliant finish and exacting precision.  The kit includes all mounting hardware.

Includes :

  • Pair of Magnus 74mm Bosch to Stock GTR Throttle Body Adaptors
  • Pair of 74mm Bosch Drive by Wire Throttle Bodies
  • Pair of Magnus 74mm High Boost Inlet Adaptor to 3″ Silicone or Vibrant HD to Bosch Drive By Wire Throttle Bodies
  • Pair of GT1R Throttle Body Adaptor PNP Wire Harnesses
  • Mounting Hardware

Part# MMCINT2021   Magnus GTR VR38 Bosch 74mm Throttle Body Adaptor Kit (3″ silicone)

Part# MMCINT2022   Magnus GTR VR38 Bosch 74mm Throttle Body Adaptor Kit (Vibrant HD)

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in
Inlet Coupler

Silicone, Vibrant HD