Magnus GTR VR38 R35 Billet Left and Right VVT Timing Cam Covers and Centering Tool



Problem, after a cylinder head or engine is cut after a rebuild your block height is now shorter.   You have improperly installed your VVT covers and worn out your covers now you have the P0011 Code and your VVT does not work on your R35 GTR.  Many engine builders will know that if installed incorrectly, the timing cover will wear causing failure of left or right bank VVT control.

You can Install these on the original Front cover or our billet front cover

Installation with our covers with the centering tool will ensure perfect concentricity and you will no longer have to modify the original covers, or worry about misalignment.

Developed, designed and manufactured in house at Magnus.



The VVT Timing Covers includes: Right and Left covers, gaskets and hardware.

The Centering Tool is sold individually.


MMCENG5152             Magnus GTR R35 Billet Left and Right Cam Covers Only

MMCENG5151-004    Magnus GTR R35 VVTi Billet Cam Cover Centering Tool

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 5 in
Left and Right Cam Covers

Cam Covers, Nil

Centering Tool

Centering Tool, Nil

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