Magnus Mclaren 4.0L M840T Pistons and Connecting Rods



Magnus custom pistons for the M838T and M840T McLaren V8 Motors.

Developed to work on modified motors, these pistons are the same compression ratio as original are used in the Magnus McLaren Engine Program.

The dynamic testing was done with the Magnus McLaren Connecting Rods, and they will only be sold together.



  • Magnus McLaren Pistons for M840T engine only work with the Magnus McLaren Rods. These are now crankshaft guided pistons. For standard bore (please contact for different bore sizes or different applications)


  • Complete set of 8 Pistons
  • Rings – (for nikasil or cast iron liner)
  • Locks and Pins
  • Includes rod bearings
  • Connecting rods

Add On: 


When installing the pistons consider the Magnus Crankshaft Main Tools “Retaining bridges”.  They will hold the crankshaft in any position which allows crankshaft rotation when mounting pistons and rods to the block.

Part Number:

MMCENG1210 Magnus Mclaren 720 Pistons with Pins and Rings

MMCENG1200 Magnus Mclaren connecting rods

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 6 in

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