Magnus McLaren M840T P14 720S Engine

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The McLaren M840T is a 4.0 liter, Twin Turbo, flat plane V8 engine that powers the 720s, Senna, GT,  Speedtail exotic sports cars.  Released in 2017, this is the latest upgrade to the 3.8 liter M380T found in older models like the 650s.  Even further back, the engine carries residual DNA of a LeMans Nissan Engine and turbos from a Mitsubishi EVO.

After it’s launch, the 720s quickly became popular amongst tuners, sharing drag strips with the likes of Nissan GT-R’s and Audi R8s, yet claiming a lane for itself with an identifiable exhaust note.  Our friends at EKanoo Racing were amongst the first to start testing the limits and set the benchmark by running 8.85 seconds at 159 mph, with the addition of performance downpipes, air filters a tune and MS109 fuel.



As others enthusiasts began to modify and upgrade their McLarens, Magnus began getting calls for repairs and upgrades.  McLaren did not offer replacement parts at the time and customers requested increased loads of over 1500 hp to be placed on the engine.  Post mortems revealed the engines were suffering from excessive oil consumption, early failure and bent connecting rods – and a need for replacement McLaren Parts.

The Magnus McLaren Engine Development Program has produced proprietary Pistons, Connecting Rods and Crankshaft as well as improved Cylinder Liners, Head Gaskets, Fasteners, and all other associated parts needed to build and manage added power.

Magnus Motorsports McLaren Engine Program Includes:

M838T : MPC4-12C / MP4-12C GT3 / 650S / 675LT /MSO 688 HS

M838TQ : P1 / P1 GTR / P1 LM

M838TE : 540C / 570S / 600LT / 620R

M840T :  720S / 720S GT3 / 720S GT3X / 765LT / Speedtail

M840TR : Senna / Senna GTR / Elva

M840TE : GT


Magnus can Restore these noted engines to Factory specification or offer a more robust solutions in 3 packages: Stage1 / Stage 2 / Stage 3.

Stage 1

Recommended for 800 hp to 1400 HP capable, complete engine refresh including magnus proprietary pistons and rods

Stage 2

Recommended for 800 hp to 2000 HP capable, complete engine refresh including magnus proprietary pistons and rods, crankshaft, fasteners, engine gaskets

Stage 3

Exciting news to come for Stage 3 builds



MMCENG1200 Magnus Mclaren M840T 720s and 765 Connecting Rods

MMCENG1210 Magnus Mclaren M840T 720s and 765 Pistons

MMCENG7200 Magnus Mclaren M840T P14 720s 765  Engine Block

MMCENG7201 Magnus Mclaren M840T P14 Billet Crankshaft

MMCENG7203 Magnus Mclaren Thrust Bearings

MMCENG7204 Magnus Mclaren Bolts and Washers

MMCENG7205 Magnus Mclaren Friction Washer

MMCENG7206 Magnus Mclaren M840T 4L Piston Sleeves

SYVECS S7Plus Plug and Play ECUs for : M838T and 720


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Magnus Mclaren Engine Upgrades

Magnus Mclaren M840T 720s Connecting Rods, Magnus Mclaren M840T 720s Pistons, Magnus Mclaren M840T P14 720s Engine Block, Magnus Mclaren M840T P14 Crankshaft, Magnus Mclaren Main Bearings, Magnus Mclaren Thrust Bearings, Magnus Mclaren Bolts and Washers, Magnus Mclaren Friction Washer, Magnus Mclaren M840T 4L Piston Sleeves