Magnus R35 GTR VR38 RWD Dry Sump Kit




RWD Dry sump kit for GTR and VR38 engines, our very popular kit is used by Drag racers Drifters and Road racers, allows you to lower the crankshaft centerline of the motor by over 4 inches (100mm) to help lower the center of gravity of your car.  Includes all Dry Sump components to make work with your custom build.  Your choice of tank and your choice of mounting location left side of engine or right side of engine.


  • Billet 6061 Oil pan – Replacing the OEM Upper Pan
  • Dry sump pan clutch Access cover (not shown)
  • Billet 6061 Dry Sump Mounts
  • Peterson R4, 5 Stage Dry Sump Pump
  • Peterson Oil Tank or Magnus Oil tank (Multiple Sizes Available)
  • Magnus Breather Tank
  • Billet Remote Oil Filter Housing
  • Scavenge filters
  • Oil filter
  • GT1R Crank Pulley
  • Dry Sump Drive Assemblies gears and belts
  • Hardware
  • #killallGR6

 Pump Variations

  • Left side mount or right side mount
  • 4 stage or 5 stage


  • MMCENG5049 GTR R35 RWD Dry Sump Kit 4 stage Drag kit with mechanical fuel pump w/Drag tank
  • MMCENG5050 GTR R35 RWD Dry Sump Kit 5 stage Drag kit with mechanical fuel pump w/Drag tank

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 12 in
Dry Sump Tank

1.5 Gallon Drag Tank (16 Tall, 7" Diameter), 2 Gallon Standard Tank (19.5" Tall, 6" Diameter), 3 Gallon Standard Tank (16" tall, 9" Diameter)

Dry sump pump

Left side 4 stage pump, Right side 4 stage pump, Left side 5 stage pump, Right side 5 stage pump