Magnus Subaru EJ25 Dry Sump Kit



No more loss of oil pressure

Dry sump oiling systems are far from new technology. They have been in use for decades and first originated to help against oil starvation in aircraft that flew inverted (upside-down). As cars begin to accelerate and corner with increased G-Forces, combined with increased crankcase pressure it becomes apparent that the OEM oil systems will not be able to provide adequate oil supply and oil evacuation. Also as an engine makes more power it will require more oil pressure, more volume and greater oil capacity. All of these issues are addressed with a dry sump oiling system.

Due to the efficiency of our Peterson Dry Dump Pump the scavenge pump section works so well that the engine can be kept almost completely free of any lingering oil. It is very important to understand that the only oil in the crankcase when a dry sump equipped engine is running at full power is droplets of oil that are being shed from the crankshaft bearing and camshaft bearing areas. Be aware that there is no alternative to a dry sump system. In order to maintain a reliable racing engine there must always be a consistent direct supply of engine oil.

Testing out the new Magnus EJ25 dry sump kit on a very special all billet Subaru engine. Makes big pressure right away to help those skinny rod bearings swinging those paint can pistons. Semi Brand new dry sump tank for sale still in original box 😀#drysump #magnusmotorsports #petersonfluidsystems #ekanooracing @jcfabworks

Posted by Magnus Motorsports on Friday, January 25, 2019



  • Peterson 3 stage pump
  • Magnus Oil Tank
  • Magnus Billet Sump Pan
  • Magnus Pump Bracket
  • Remote Oil filter housing
  • Magnus Billet Front cover
  • Port Fittings
  • Remote Oil Filter Adapter

Featured on:

Ekanoo Racing’s 836 AWHP Subaru STI 

Magnus Motorsports SUBARU EJ25 DRY SUMP KIT Ekanoo Racing


Part #

MMCENG2100    Magnus Subaru EJ20 EJ22 EJ25 Dry Sump Kit 3 Stage pump

MMCENG2101    Magnus Subaru EJ20 EJ22 EJ25 Dry Sump Kit 4 Stage pump

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3 Stage Dry Sump Pump, 4 Stage Dry Sump Pump