Magnus V5 Cast Aluminum Intake Manifold for Evolution IV to IX



History & Development

Over 20 years ago, Magnus Motorsports released its first Sheet Metal Intake Manifold into the market place and it quickly became the standard within the Mitsubishi Racing community. 10 years in we released the next big thing the Magnus Motorsports V5 Cast Aluminum EVO Intake Manifold. After two years of engineering and design the result had payed off with its performance results.

We designed this one from a fresh sheet of paper. Out of over a dozen prototypes, endless testing and perfecting, the Magnus Cast Intake Manifold was born. We applied our years of experience from crafting thousands of sheet metal intakes and once again have raised the bar for power and quick response. By applying a unique design and a massive 5L plenum, this cast manifold means big power and big power sooner!

The Design & The Results

Cast in A356 Aluminum with a wall thickness of 3/16″; the Plenum shape features a varying contoured tapered profile at a volume of 5 liters. The runners themselves are completely revolutionary in their design; featuring an integrated velocity stack that gradually transitions into the head port profile. It was designed entirely against the shape of the original cylinder head port, taking advantage of the 10° port entry of the EVO head and maintaining uninterrupted laminar flow. The Magnus Cast Intake Manifold will work with throttle bodies from stock right up to 100mm and have seen consistent gains from 30 AWHP to 52 AWHP with varying setups. Transient boost response is exceptional and it can bolt together in a stock location if required while still being able to be used on a full blown race application.


  • 2 years of research and development
  • Cast from A356-T6 Aluminum Alloy
  • High quality casting gives a superior surface finish
  • Enhanced flow dynamics utilizing CAD Modeling & CFD simulation
  • Flow benched and dynamically tested
  • Dyno tested proven up to 50 AWHP
  • Ability to flow 100 lb/min (1000 HP) of air at 60PSI while maintaining equal flow distribution
  • Can be installed in stock location with clearance for original battery (with adapter)
  • Install kits are optional and can be purchased to include heat barrier gaskets, and adapter plate to run stock throttle bodies (easily upgradeable). Remote map sensor boss is optional for use with factory ECU’s
  • Stock turbo gains up to 40HP
  • 15 degree entry to the throttle body facilitates intercooler plumbing
  • Can be configured for 8 injector setups
  • Fits factory fuel rail or Magnus high flow fuel rails
  • 5L plenum with contoured velocity stacks molded into the floor for huge top end and minimal turbulence
  • Magnus Quality and Lifetime warranty


  • EVO IV to IX

Part #

  • MMCINT1023              Magnus V5 Cast Aluminum Intake for Evolution IV to IX
  • MMCINT1023-008    Magnus V5 Cast Aluminum Intake for Evolution IV to IX 8 injector includes secondary fuel rail MMCFUL1032
  • MMCINT1023-012      Magnus V5 Cast Aluminum Intake for Evolution IV to IX 12 injector includes secondary fuel rail MMCFUL1038

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 12 in
number of injectors

4 Injectors, 8 injectors – Secondary Rail Weld On + 4 Injector rail, 12 injectors – Secondary Rail Weld On + 8 Injector rail


Raw Aluminum, Wrinkle Black + $250

Throttle Body

Ford 90mm Flange, Stock TB Flange + $70 (MMCINT1011)

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