Syvecs PDUs & Displays




“Syvecs Power Distribution Units are designed to replace the use of a conventional relay boxes. It provides multi channel solid state logic driven processing, which is fully software configurable using our PDU cal tool. Features include logic inputs and power outputs with validation and de-bounce settings. RS232 and CAN provide communication to external displays and data loggers.” –

  • PDUX2
  • PDUX3
  • PDUX4
  • PDU34a
  • PDUX Connector Kit
  • PDU Key Pad
  • D5 Dash Club Spec
  • D5 Dash Pro Spec
  • D5 Dash Key Pad

SYVECS PDU Comparison Chart PDUX2 PDUX3 PDU34A2 Magnus Motorsports Distributor Dealer


“A dedicated ECU control display page allows easy selection of different ECU maps (ECU calibration switch) as well as switching of ECU functions such as ALS (anti-lag) and launch control. The user can manipulate these ECU settings either via the supplied SDM-Joystick (SDM-500/500 GPS) or the side keys on-the-fly, without the need for a PC.” –


Please contact us for pricing and availability on any ECU application not listed as well as any sensors, displays, connectors, triggers, coils or any other products.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in
PDU & Displays

PDUX2, PDUX3, PDUX4, PDUX34a, PDUX Connector Kit, PDU Key Pad, D5 Dash Club Spec, D5 Dash Pro Spec, D5 Dash Key Pad, uSDM-100, uSDM-102, SDM-300 Dash, SDM-550 Dash, SDM-700 Dash