Magnus carries the entire catalogue of Life Racing products and is your trusted North American Dealer.

“Life Racing has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, development and support of a broad range
of products including engine control units (ECUs), power distribution units (PDUs), display units,
integrated paddle shift systems and high reliability wiring harnesses to all levels and variations of motorsport

and automotive applications. This includes unique strategies for direct injection, drive-by-wire, gear shifting,

boost control, traction control and more.
We have extensive experience in particular of knock-limited, intake-restricted turbocharger control
gained over years of support where we have multiple class and series wins in conjunction with race
engine development companies. Life Racing also has extensive experience with road approved applications
including taking vehicles with direct injection through full Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions cycle approval.” – Life Racing


Catalogue Updated: Autumn 2020

ECU-A01 F88 ECU $3,547.40
ECU-A02 F88RX ECU $2,334.70
ECU-A03 F88RS ECU $2,120.30
ECU-A04 F88R ECU $1,899.20
ECU-A05 F88RXL ECU $1,745.10
ECU-A06 F88RSL ECU $1,524.00
ECU-A07 F88RL ECU $1,309.60
ECU-BO1 F9ORX ECU $5,349.70
ECU-BO2 F90A ECU $6,937.60
ECU-BO3 F9OF ECU $9,054.80
ECU-CO1 F88GDi4 $3,319.60
ANC-AO1 X10 Expander $927.70
ANC-AO2 GDi Driver $1,430.20
ECU-FO1 V8 DI Package (F9ORX (feat:El) + 2 GDi Drivers) $6,743.30
ECU-FO2 V12 DI Package (F9ORX (feat:El) + 3 GDi Drivers) $7,755.00
ECU-FEAT-K Adaptive Knock Control $351.50
ECU-FEAT-D Diesel Control $1,068.40
ECU-FEAT-I Direct Injection Pump Control $492.20
ECU-FEAT-E Direct Motor Control $351.50
ECU-FEAT-G Gearbox Control $492.20
ECU-BTC-2L Second Lambda $351.50
ECU-FEAT-T Traction Control $351.50
ECU-BTC-8F 8 Frequency $277.80
ECU-BTC-6l 6 Ignition Outputs $204.10
ECU-BTC-12I 12 Ignition Outputs $492.20
ECU-FEAT-W Wastgate position control $257.70
ECU-ID-XXX Custom ID Creation $418.50
ECU-DNG-XXX Security Dongle $204.10
PDU-A03 PDU34A $3,869.00
PDU-CO6 PDUx2 $1,725.00
PDU-CO1 PDUx3 350A $2,723.30
PDU-C02 PDUx4 350A $3,735.00
PDU-CO3 PDUx6 $4,941.00
PDU-C04 PDUx3 200A $2,723.30
PDU-C05 PDUx4 200A $3,735.00
MSTR Master Relay $606.10
DIS-A10 D4 Dash Basic $1,537.40
DIS-A02 D4 Dash Club $1,885.80
DIS-A11 D4 Dash PRO $2,522.30
DIS-A08 D5 Dash Basic $1,537.40
DIS-AO1 D5 Dash Club $1,885.80
DIS-AO9 D5 Dash PRO $2,522.30
DIS-A04 D8 Dash Basic $3,225.80
DIS-A05 D8 Dash Club $3,996.30
DIS-AO6 D8 Dash PRO $5,678.00
DIS-BO2 SD4 Steering Wheel PRO $7,621.00
DIS-BTC-G Gear Paddles $720.00
DIS-BTC-C Clutch Paddles $854.00
DIS-FEAT-P Dash Logging Upgrade (D4, D5) $1,055.00
DIS-FEAT-P Dash Logging Upgrade (D8) $1,390.00
DIS-FEAT-I Expanded I/O (D8 Only) $1,055.00
DIS-FEAT-T CANtx (D4, D5) $318.00
DIS-FEAT-T CANtx (D8) $385.00
DIS-FEAT-M Math upgrade (D4, D5) $586.00
DIS-FEAT-M Math upgrade (D8) $720.00
ANC-C01 LR PDU Keypad $606.10
ANC-C02 Dash Keypad $204.10
PWTR-001 Powertrack Rotary Encoder $385.00
PKP-2200-SI PowerKey PRO 2200 (4pos) $277.80
PKP-2300-SI PowerKey PRO 2300 (6pos) $304.60
PKP-2400-SI PowerKey PRO 2400 (8pos) $331.40
PKP-2600-SI PowerKey PRO 2600 (12pos) $358.20
3K008-2RN3AG Grayhill 8pos H $478.80
3K008-4RNSAG Grayhill 8pos V $478.80
3K012-4RN3SAG Grayhill 12pos V $545.80
3K015-3RN3SAG Grayhill 15pos H $612.80
ANC-B02 GPS-AG50 $1,785.30
ANC-B03 GPS Aerial $103.60
ANC-B04 GPS-A10b $867.40
ANC-A03 MCH (mini comms hub) $1,249.30
UFX4GB Nexus USB $163.90
UR4410IM Nexus USB adapter $137.10
CON-A01 F90A Connector Kit $284.50
CON-A02 F90F Connector Kit $364.90
CON-A07 GDi Driver Connector Kit $137.10
CON-A08 GPS Connector Kit $123.70
CON-A10 PDU34A Connector Kit $431.90
CON-AT11 D8 Connector Kit $143.80
CON-A12 MCH Connector Kit $204.10
CON-B01 88Way Connector Kit (F88 Series) $210.80
CON-B02 121Way Connector Kit (F90 Series) $123.70
CON-B04 50Way Connector Kit (F42D and D5/D4) $123.70
CON-B06 35Way Connector Kit [Blue] (PDU10) $96.90
CON-BO7 35Way Connector Kit [Black] (X10) $96.90
CON-BO8 9QWay Connector Kit (LR PDU Keypad) $83.50
CON-B10 PDUx Connector Kit 350A $257.70
CON-B11 PDUx Connector Kit 200A $257.70
CON-B12 PDUx2 Connector Kit $177.30
CA0-0015-1A Comms Lead $163.90
LA0-0001-1B NTK Lambda Sensor (Wired) “Lab Grade” $586.00
LA0-0006-1A L2H2 “Automotive Grade” $438.60
TP0128a Gearbox Actuator 30mm Stroke Qua $532.40
TP0O107 Gearbox Actuator 30mm Stroke Hew $532.40
TP0128b Gearbox Actuator 50mm Stroke $874.10
TP0O100 Paddle Shift Compressor Assy $1,242.60
SWAO-0028-1A Paddle Switch Assembly $847.30
FA0038 Throttle Blipper Ram Assy SMC $519.00
ET0044 Blipper Throttle Cable Fitting $76.80
TP0138 Valve Block $874.10


*Prices subject to change without notice due to international exchange rates


Rapid performance analysis and fault diagnosis is an essential part of motorsport.
Life Racing ECUs include both time and event-triggered internal datalogging that can monitor hundreds of channels at

up to 1000Hz including input voltages, calibrated sensor readings, intermediate results and control outputs.

The advanced burst logging feature and large integrated memory allows more efficient data throughput and
increased running times. The Sync Log is an additional, always-on logging feature that retains crank and
cam sensor signal waveforms and angle-based event markers, for quick evaluation of any engine starting problems.
The sync scope also automatically captures the high-speed waveforms when problems occur during running,
making it a very powerful diagnostic tool


Life Racing provides power distribution units to replace the use of a conventional relay box.

These PDUs provide multi channel solid state logic driven processing, which is fully
software configurable using our PDU cal tool. Features include fully schematic mapping with

validation and debounce settings for all inputs. RS232 and CAN provide communication to

external displays and data loggers.


Life Racing provides a new range of digital display systems from cost effective road car use to

full Motorsport steering wheel incorporated. These displays allow custom layouts,
easy page navigation, programmable driver aids, warnings and alarms.
They can receive streamed data from LR ECUs (F88, F90, etc.) and record to USB sticks
if required allowing it to be used as a fully featured central hub for a single connection point.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in