VR38 Adjustable Cam Gears VCT delete



Maximum output on any engine can only truly be achieved when you have complete control over valve train events. Degreeing your camshafts, or altering your cam timing has always been a way to maximize performance from your engine. Alternatively, correcting faulty cam timing has sometimes been a way to find missing horsepower when many have been left scratching their heads.

Tuners and builders alike may have noticed when assembling a rebuilt GTR R35 VR38 engine that there may be variances in the air fuel ratio (lambda) from left bank to right bank that you may not have encountered with a factory untouched engine. This is usually due to the fact that when decking the heads and block, a small amount of material is normally removed to achieve a proper sealing surface, if your motor has been rebuilt multiple times, this can compound the problem. The only true way to degree the cams properly is to their correct centerline by using these adjustable cam gears. We have found some motors to be as far out as 5 degrees. This can cause mismatch in Lambda readings and we have witnessed uneven turbo speeds, as in one turbo would spool sooner than the other.  Some people prefer to use only the exhaust cam gear and have ECU control over the Factory VCT gear, or some prefer to eliminate the Factory VCT altogether on vehicles with turbo that spool late in the RPM Range.

Exhaust are provided with new gears, Intake adjusters reuse the existing Intake cam gears

Exhaust gears will work on VQ engine family, 370z and 350z years 2005+ as well.


  • Billet Aluminum Timing Adjuster
  • New OEM Exhaust Sprockets included
  • Correct improper cam timing, unlock more hp, tune your hp curve

Part #

  • MMCENG1085 
  • MMCENG1085-01 – Intake
  • MMCENG1085-02 – Exhaust

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in
VR38 Adjustable Cam Gears/CVTCS Delete

Complete Intake and Exhaust MMCENG1085, Intake Only MMCENG1085-01, Exhaust Only MMCENG1085-02