Magnus 4G63 Valve Springs



Can your valves handle 13,000 RPM?

New ovate wire beehive valve springs, for the ultimate in protection against spring surge! Keep those rocker arms in your motor & stop bending valves. Offering an even lighter titanium retainer and the ultimate in valve control at high rpm (depending on camshaft and valvetrain). Not all valve springs are created equal, these are for extremely high rpm and for very high pressure. We have tested these springs as high as 13,000 RPM in some of our test motors.

These are the same Valve springs which we use in all of our 4G63 high horsepower high rpm builds. These same valve springs were used in Brent Rau’s NDRA NHRA and IDRC championship winning Modified Eclipse and were an instrumental part in our racing engine program.

97lb Seat Pressure at 1.440″
325lb/in Rate


  • 16 valve springs
  • Titanium retainers
  • Base washers

Part # MMCENG1051

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in

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