Magnus 68mm High Boost Inlet Adaptor to 3″ Silicone/Vanjen for Bosch Throttle Body




Magnus High Boost inlet adaptors comes in 82mm to 3.5″, 74mm to 3″, and featured here in the common bore at 68mm connecting to 3″ Bosch Throttle Body.

For High Boost applications, Magnus has designed our couplers to produce a completely positive seal to the Bosch Throttle body where it was not available before.  Select silicone or vanjen.


  • MMCINT2012    Magnus 68mm Bosch Throttle body Hi Boost Inlet Adaptor to 3″ Silicone
  • MMCINT2015    Magnus 68mm Bosch Throttle Body Hi Boost Inlet Adaptor to 3″ Vanjen

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in
Connect by Silicone or Vanjen?

68mm to 3" Silicone MMCINT2012, 68mm to 3" Vanjen MMCINT2015