Magnus GTR VR38 AWD TH400 Conversion Kit Motor plate w Adaptor plate spacer and hardware



VR38 GTR AWD conversion kit for: clutch cars, TH400 equipped – anything but the factory trans. Designed to be able to KEEP the 4WD lower pan of the VR38 and allow the used of aftermarket transfer cases and 4WD AWD transmissions Perfect for RWD tube Chassis cars, Street rods, Drift builds, Sports car and carbon monocoque vehicles that utilize the engine as a stressed member. 5 stage Peterson R4 Dry sump mounts are optional. Uses Factory GTR starter, factory GTR crank sensor, can be teamed with our billet flywheel and bell housing for 1 completely engineered combination. Will not work with factory oil pump must run Magnus Dry Sump components.  This kit is designed to work with Lockup Torque converters and the plate can be cut in thickness to adjust your Lockup converter spacing. To purchase the drysump pan click here

Included in Kit

  • Motor Plate
  • Spacer
  • Hardware


  • Allows the elimination of the OEM GR6 transmission and use a TH400 with transfer box, or Liberty with R32 transfer while retaining OEM crank trigger
  • Utilizes factory starter and crank sensor
  • Perfect for custom AWD builds utilizing the VR38

Part #

MMCDRV7001 Magnus GTR VR38 AWD TH400 Conversion Kit Hemi Bolt Pattern

MMCDRV7400 Magnus GTR VR38 AWD TH400 Conversion to Small Block Chevy (SBC) 

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 3 in

GTR VR38 AWD TH400 Conversion Kit Hemi Bolt Pattern, GTR VR38 AWD TH400 Conversion Small Block Chevy (SBC)

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