Magnus Porsche 9A1 Crankshaft Main Cap Tool / 9779 Retaining bridge



The Magnus Porsche 9A1 Crankshaft Main Tool (retaining bridge) mimics a main cap for the Porsche 9A1 boxer engine.  It allows the engine builder to hold the crankshaft in place during assembly and allows the builder to temporarily bolt down the crankshaft and manipulate the engine as he pleases while still allowing the crankshaft to rotate.  You cannot damage the surface of the crankshaft as our Main cap tool /retaining bridge accepts an old main bearing, allowing smooth rotation of the crank if needed to check rod and piston clearances.    This allows the engine builder to work on a bench as opposed to an engine stand, for assembling the first half of the engine.

Replacement for OEM Porsche Tool : # 9779 Retaining Bridge

*SOLD AS A PAIR with hardware

Part Number: MMCTOL0005

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 in