Titanium Connecting Rods for 4G63, 4B11 or VR38



Constructed from 6AL4V Titanium, these rods weigh considerably less than equivalent steel rods. This means less rotating and reciprocating mass. Sold in sets of four (4) for 4G63 and 4B11 engines and sets of six (6) for VR38 engines.

Allow 6 – 8 weeks lead time when ordering.


  • 33% lighter than steel rods

Part #

  • MMCENG1109TI      Magnus 4G63 Billet X Beam Titanium Connecting Rods – Length and Pin Made to order
  • MMCENG1115TI      Magnus 4B11 Billet Titanium Connecting Rods – X Beam With 625+ Rod Bolts
  • MMCENG3301TI    Magnus Billet Titanium Connecting Rods GTR – X Beam with 625+ rod Bolts Made to order

Additional information

Ti Connecting Rods

Set of four (4) 4G63 Connecting Rods, Set of four (4) 4B11 Connecting Rods, Set of six (6) VR38 Connecting Rods